Install Torrent Ratio Keeper

The road to a faster uTorrent begins with a little installer, barely 1mb in size. They say that good things come in small packages, so let's see if that's true of Torrent Ratio Keeper. We'll be testing the "Monster Version" for this, to explore the full range of settings and tweaks provided by TRK. Installing went quickly, without an annoying, long process you see in some installers today. Just a license agreement, and the common install options, exactly how it should be; no nagging to install extra junk you don't want. It claims to make for a faster uTorrent, so starting off with a fast install already sets the mood for what's to come.

After this we were greeted by a setup wizard. Don't worry – this didn't turn out to be an annoying, lengthy wizard like you sometimes see – just a quick initial setting of its most basic settings, and a page telling you to start your torrent client. If you're after a faster uTorrent, the program first has to find uTorrent, of course.

Again, sticking with the theme of making things faster, we found the setup process for the program amazingly quick and friendly. We left the default values in the wizard (it mentioned we could change them easily, later) and moved right into the main program's UI.

So how is the main UI? Let's take a look...