Faster uTorrent

Filesharing over the last few years has really increased in popularity. There's a variety of torrent apps and utilities around, but most of them don't do much to really improve your overall experience. When it comes to torrent clients themselves, there are few options on Windows that are better than uTorrent. Without a plugin architecture like Azureus or some other clients though, you may feel like there's not much you can do to extend your client. Only a handful of third party apps exist to enhance the way it works, such as giving you a faster uTorrent experience, so let's take a look at one right now.

Torrent Ratio Keeper aims to increase your ratio, and give you a faster uTorrent, all at once. It uses a pretty clever mechanism to accomplish this, and does so in a very streamlined and user friendly way.

Let's take the plunge and look at this app a little closer, seeing if it really gets you a faster uTorrent.